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AD Line race indicator.

This is by far the most entertaining indicator I have developed thus far, it is also the most difficult to set up.  For that reason alone I do not support it.  It takes several data streams to setup, and then the indicators all have to be put into Data1's subpane with axis sharing.  It really should have log based X axis, but evidently this does not work in shared axis mode.

Below you can find a video of a recent trading time lapsed.


AD Race for the afternoon of 2-17-2009


This is the best video as far as quality goes, but 2/17 was a boring A/D day. Tomorrow we should have some good AD action.  I will try again then to create a better video

Download and Installation:

To install this indicator do the following:

  1. Download !RL_AL_ALL.ELD
  2. The download should execute an import into tradestation if your application extensions are setup correctly.  If not , use File -> import/export eld from the tradestation menu. 
  3. Download the AD_Race.TSW worksheet.   This too should auto import into your TradeStation.  If not put it into your C:\programs\tradestionXXXX\MyWork directory.
  4. The worksheet has the indicator set up correctly.  Use Cut and Paste Window commands to move the indicator do a different worksheet if you want to move it.
Note: due to limitations in TradeStation and EasyLanguage, the first data stream, in this case $ADVUS (all us stocks advancing) must be visible in order to use text.  You must use background dragging to scale the indicator to show a range of -100 to 100 in order to see the indicator correctly.  If you have any question please let me know at custom@redliontrader.com.  Enjoy!

Marlin Cobb,
Mar 28, 2009, 6:02 AM
Marlin Cobb,
Mar 28, 2009, 6:02 AM