Pretty Girl at the Bar

The conference bar is pretty infamous, so you decide to hit that first. You make your way over and slide up onto one of the impossibly high stools. The blonde turns as you join her, swirling her glass and smiling a touch too brightly.

"Hi!" she says, offering a hand. Her fingernails are painted gunmetal grey, an exact match to her stilettos. "I’m Abbey."

You introduce yourself as she takes a deep swallow of her drink.

"It has been a day," she says. "My flight was delayed and my laptop ran out of battery life before we even took off. I thought I would go out of my mind—I had so many great ideas I wanted to get down. Oh! May I buy you a drink?"


Do you:
Say sure! You’re an adult (even if she isn’t) and you love to cut loose now and again.
Say sure! It’s been a heck of a day for you too!
Say no thanks—you’re not thirsty.
Say no thanks to a daiquiri, but ask for a Diet Coke instead.