Choose Your Own Adventure: Publishing Edition


You’ve waited months for this day to arrive. Your clothes have been packed and repacked as you figured out that perfect ensemble, you’ve honed your pitch to an art form, and you’ve had those brand new business cards double-printed and stored away in a silver card carrier.

You are ready to take the writer’s conference by storm. 

The conference is hosting a reception the night before registration. Tomorrow, you and your fellow authors will listen to the keynote breakfast and have a chance to pitch to a fabulous editor, but tonight it’s all about unwinding, having a good time, and meeting each other.

Standing at the door, you spot three conspicuous attendees: a very young, very pretty blonde sitting at the bar sipping a daiquiri she likely purchased via fake ID; a somewhat frumpy but extremely friendly looking middle-aged woman sitting alone at a table and cradling a cup of coffee between her hands; and an uncomfortable-looking older gentleman fumbling about at the buffet.

Do you:
Speak with the pretty girl at the bar.
Speak with the pleasant woman at the table.
Speak with the older gentleman at the buffet.