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Deep in the Heart -- A Memoir of Love and Longing

By Sheila Morris

THE STORY: Sheila Rae Morris grew up in a large, loving, and lovable family in rural east Texas in the 1950s nursing a dark and troubling secret. She would never be the kind of daughter and granddaughter her parents and grandparents expected. She is attracted to other girls.  

Deep in the Heart -- A Memoir of Love and Longing is available at www.amazon.com; at redletterpress@gmail.com; and from the author at smortex@aol.com

Price $14.95, 178 pages (ISBN 9790979442025)

*Now available in a 6 CD set read by the author.


A Paw On My Heart

By Karen Petit

Can a dog cure a broken heart? See for yourself in this memoir of a disastrous marriage and its aftermath. In A Paw on My Heart -- A Tail of Divine and Canine Inspiration, Karen Petit turns from writing children's novels (the popular Ivy League Mystery Series) to a first-person account of spouse abuse, acrimonious divorce, and (though sometimes just barely) survival. It's a don't miss story, especially for readers who've been there. In the Columbia area, the author's books are available at the Three Dog Bakery; the Columbia Regional Visitors Center; and The Mitchell House and Gardens in Lexington.

$9.95, 164 pgs., ISBN 9780979442056 

Also available at www.theivybooks.com.


King's Highway 

By James D. McCallister


THE STORY: Ray-Ray DeKalb, a college student who feels lost, drops out of school and heads for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to try to sort things out for himself -- and finds that he has gone from the frying pan into the fire. This coming-of-age story, set in 1978, the era of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, is the author's literary debut and has been widely praised by critics.   

Like all the titles on this page, King's Highway is available in Columbia at the Happy Bookseller, 4525 Forest Drive; on http://www.amazon.com; and/or direct from Red Letter Press (redletterpress@gmail.com). 

$14.95 (186 pages)

ISBN 9780979442018


The Mystery at Foggy Bottom Lake

By Karen Petit

( Another in the best-selling Shandon's Ivy League Mystery Series)

ISBN 9780979442001

$9.95 (208 pgs.) 


Now out and selling fast!

 The Mystery of the Stolen Stallion

By Karen Petit

(Third title in the series)




Now available in a new edition:

RLP's Very First Book!

The Class Menagerie -- A Collection of Short Stories Out of USC

Edited by Robert Lamb and Chris Horn

A collection of 19 short stories (nine by male students, nine by female students, and one by the professor). Copies of this first edition are hard to find, but a second printing with a different cover, is now available. Buy it on Amazon.com (www.amazon.com), at the University of South Carolina Bookstore, and from Red Letter Press (redletterpress@gmail.com). (Note: A second collection, titled The Class Menagerie II, is now out of print.) 

Price $9.95

Can pets sniff out thieves and other perps? Led by a super canine like Ivy, they can! Read The Mystery of the Screecher Creature, now in its 5th printing.