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Not all religious fanatics live in the Middle East. 
America has its own home-grown variety

When preachers in a rural Georgia town move to ban some classic American novels from the high school curriculum,  only one person stands up to them: English teacher Anne Brady, an “outsider” from Atlanta who champions great literature (and the separation of Church and State). Refusing to “go along to get along,” she soon finds herself in a fight to save her job and reputation. For help, she turns to another outsider, lawyer Eugene Shapiro, who as the county’s only Jewish attorney knows all too well what his client is up against. When Anne’s struggle spills into court from a heated school-board meeting, the mood of the county points toward a legal lynching – or worse, as some of the more zealous defenders of the faith have drifted beyond the reach of law or reason. This novel is a powerful reminder that not all religious fanatics live in the Middle East. America has its own home-grown variety. 

A Majority of One

By Robert Lamb (author of Atlanta Blues and Striking Out

ISBN 978-1463712624
324 pages; $14.98

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From a lifetime of writing!

   *Stories and poems, with an afterword on their origins

 *Stories include the award-winning "R.I.P." 
and the groundbreaking "Rebellion at Fugitive Flats."

Six of One, Half Dozen of Another (Stories & Poems + 1)
By Robert Lamb 
ISBN: 9781466338265
126 pages; $9.95


Great courtroom drama!

Merriman's Second Chance

By Wilmot B. Irvin

The disclosure of a 30-year cover-up pits two crafty lawyers in a courtroom clash of epic proportions: John Merriman, who has built a legal career by cutting corners, and Malcolm Prescott, his longtime adversary and a by-the-book solicitor. At stake: justice, at last, for an innocent man -- and redemption for another.

ISBN 9780966119954
331 pages; $14.95


Not Quite The Same

By Sheila Morris

This is the long-awaited sequel to Deep in the Heart -- A Memoir of Love and Longing, which  was nominated for a Lambda Literary Foundation Award and won the Crown Literary Society's first-place award in 2008. In the sequel, the author takes us on a ride -- but, here, let her tell it: 


 Picture two cowboys riding along on their horses. Wide open spaces surround them. They move at a leisurely pace with little conversation. One of them breaks the silence, turns to his friend,  and says, “No matter where you ride to, that’s where you are.”

Gosh, I love that guy. Wait a minute. I am that guy.

I traded horses for horse power, and I left my home and family in Texas to head for the wide open spaces that called me as clearly as the Southern Baptist revival preachers of my childhood had called me to salvation. The wide open spaces were neither wide nor open, but I found my salvation.

From the rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest to the sandy seashores of South Carolina in the southeast, I roamed. Along the way, I rode with brave cowhands who looked for answers in a land of questions. No matter where I rode to, that’s where I was.

I made mistakes. I believed that the pasture was greener on the other side of the fence. More than once. So much for fences.

I learned that laughter was a cure for much of what ails us. I never learned when it wasn’t.

I moved from the shame and fear of my early years as a lesbian growing up in small towns in Texas to the pride and confidence that became my redemption.

Take a ride with me.

* * *

Not Quite The Same

By Sheila Morris

ISBN 9780966119947


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Or from www.writersheilamorris.com 


And Now. . . Another Ivy League Mystery


The Mystery of the Circus Curse

By Karen Petit

A fast-paced, three-ring adventure begins for Ivy and her friends when a dancing bear named Pirouette escapes from the circus. In their quest to find Pirouette, the pets discover that a mysterious curse involving the theft of valuable paintings and jewels has surrounded the circus for nearly 100 years. So come along as Ivy, Ernest, Spooky, Lovely, Hoover, Blitz and Marigold are joined in their crime-solving efforts by a fancy circus Poodle named Louise and a group of misfit dogs known as the Park Street Pack.




Now that's courage!

A young woman, blind since birth, goes off to college to seek her independence and a chance at a normal life. A true story of triumph over adversity!

Carmella's Quest: Taking On College Sight Unseen 

By Carmella Broome

ISBN 9780979442063,  $14.95 (267 pgs.)


(Note: The S.C. State Library, with the author reading, has recorded her book for the blind.)


Come on over and stay a spell!


Welcome to the small North Carolina town of Lonesome Pines. Let the author, who grew up in a town pretty much like Lonesome Pines, introduce you to the kinds of unusual characters who seem to have found a permanent home in Southern fiction.  

Lonesome Pines -- Living and Dying in a Little Town

By Mike Miller (Illustrations by Rob Barge)

ISBN 9780979442087, $14.95, (157 pgs.)


Now In Paperback! 

A newspaper reporter and two cops search for a missing college girl. The search leads through the underbelly of urban Atlanta to murder and heartbreak.  

Named "one of the three best novels of 2004 -- and maybe the best!"


Atlanta Blues

By Robert Lamb

ISBN 9780966119923, $14.96 (223 pgs.)


 An Indispensable Guide For Non-Southerners!

Writer Cooper Riverbridge and Illustrator Rob Barge team up as translators of the Southern argot in:

Y'all Ain't From Around Here, Are Ya?

(How To Talk Like a South Carolinian)


Imo, as in "You go ahead; Imo sit here and rest a while."

Barium - What Southerns do with dead people.


Heart-Warming! Lovable! More!

That's what readers say about this story of a Lily Kate, a young girl whose guardian/grandmother dies suddenly and leaves her an orphan.

A Place for Lily Kate

By Pat Guerry Hodnett



ISBN 9780979442094, $12.95 (120 pgs.)

Don't miss the sequel to this lovely novel:

Dragon Smoke

For an interview with the author, click here.