How your used postage stamps can help albatrosses

Don't throw away used postage stamps - collect and send them to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) who will use them to raise money for albatross conservation.

Fifteen of the 22 albatross species are threatened with extinction. One of the main threats to them is the use of fishing long lines which entangle and drown the birds as they fish. This is known as "bycatch" - the unintended catching of non-target species. The RSPB is working with other wildlife conservation organisations to prevent this from happening.The RSPB will take any used stamps - common or rare, from the UK or abroad. Cut the stamp from the envelope, leaving a paper border of about 6mm (a quarter of an inch) around the stamp.

Send your saved stamps to the RSPB's stamp warehouse at:

RSPB Stamps,