Issue 61: Crowdfunding for Longmead Avenue Trees

Issue of December 2017

Residents of Longmead Avenue, Horfield, have launched a crowdfunding drive on JustGiving to raise money to replace eight trees in their road, which were diseased and therefore felled. Bristol City Council have told the residents that there is no money for replacing the trees, and that they should seek sponsorship if they wish the trees to be replaced.

At a cost of around £295 per tree replaced, the residents are hoping to raise £2,520 to replace eight lost trees. The Council have given the residents a deadline of 31 December for planting the trees, so they need to raise the money as soon as possible.

As of 9 December, 58 supporters have donated £1,995 - 79% of the total needed.

If you'd like to make a donation, visit:

If successful, the enterprising group of residents would like to raise more money to hep replace lost trees in other nearby roads, such as Maple Road and Byrnland Avenue.

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