Issue 61: Have your say on the future of our precious parks

Issue of December 2017

Bristol City Council's plans for cutting expenditure on its parks and green spaces was discussed at a public meeting at City Hall on 14 November. Martin Fodor, one of Redland's two Green Party councillors said afterwards:

"This is a vital issue for so many people in the area who love our parks and green spaces, but the prognosis for parks like Redand Green, St Andrews and open spaces like Cotham Grove is not good. We're now trying to find out just how bad the cuts are going to be as the scale may be a bit reduced, but is still in the region of millions of pounds lost, which will affect grass cutting, repairs, planting and so on. Once this is clarified we need to sit down with local groups like Redland Green Community Group and Friends of St Andrews Park to explore the options for the coming year, and then the longer term.

We're really lucky we have such active and experienced groups in the local area but it's still a big ask to expect more of them. Our neighbourhood is popular because of these places and if they become neglected it won't be good for any of us in terms of having safe places for children to play, space to relax and walk, and popular spots to meet friends."

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You can access the Parks Consultation, which closes on 29 January 2018, from this page on our website: