Fritillaries, April 2013

Despite the ditch having been dug up and the topsoil removed during works by Western Power over the winter of 2012, a small number of the Snakeshead Fritillari
es survived. You could see these beautiful and rare wild flowers in March and April, bordering the ditch alongside the tennis courts.

Tree Planting - February 2012
Tree planting, February 2012

Removal of the Fence, December 2012.


and after....

Photos contributed by Lois Goddard

Hawthorn Tree, thought to be one of the oldest trees in the Green, perhaps 300 years old, felled 13 September 2010
Hawthorn, felled in 2010.

Julie Parker's Photos

Photos contributed by Julie Parker

Photos of Redland Green

Photos contributed by Liz Loeffler