Can you help? Funding sought.

We are seeking a source or sources of funding to enable us to lay two hedgerows in the Green. This will greatly enhance the health and longevity of these hedgerows, and will improve the habitat they provide to wildlife.

One hedgerow consists of field maple trees, and runs along the boundary of the Green with the Metford Road allotments (from the junction of the Green with Metford Road to the Metford allotment gate in the Green). The other hedgerow runs along the rear boundary fence of the houses in St Oswald's Road, and is a mixed species hedge that was planted in the winter of 2011/12. Both hedges are about 100 metres long. Laying needs to be done in the winter, before the onset of the nesting season in April.

We are looking for £2,200 to lay these hedges. This fee will also cover training to volunteers from the local community who would like to learn this ancient and traditional countryside skill.

If you know of any potential sources of funding, please email Thank you!

A length of the field maple hedge we wish to lay.