1. 38 Degrees petition: Keep providing ring-fenced lottery funding for parks (closes 22 March '18)

The Parks Alliance have started a petition through the Internet campaigning organisation 38 Degrees in response to the Heritage Lottery Fund having ended the parks programme. Here's what they say:


Our parks and green spaces are where we go to play, relax and escape - but right now they’re in crisis. Cash strapped councils have been forced to slash the funding used to keep these public spaces alive. [1] And now, one of the last pots of money our parks could rely on has been axed. [2]

Heritage Lottery Fund’s parks programme invested millions of pounds in our parks and green spaces. [3] But they’ve just scrapped the fund, putting the future of our parks at risk. Now they’re asking the public how they should spend their money next year [4] If thousands of us speak up for our parks now, we could secure the money they desperately need.

The Parks Alliance have started a 38 Degrees campaign to make sure parks get this vital funding back. [5] If hundreds and thousands of us add our names, it’ll show the Heritage Lottery Fund how much the public love their parks - and convince them to once again give them the cash they need.

From children playing sports with friends to families enjoying a sunday afternoon stroll, parks are for everyone. Unless they get the money they need, we could could see our much loved parks sold off to the highest bidder, or fall into disrepair. [6] It’s not about replacing council funding for our parks. But with councils struggling under the weight of huge government cuts, we can’t let this vital funding pot disappear.

Time and time again, 38 Degrees members have come together to celebrate and protect our beautiful open spaces. When the government planned to sell off our beloved national forests - we came together in our hundreds of thousands to stop them. [7] And just last year hundreds of us descended on parks up and down the country with our friends and family to celebrate our parks and show politicians that our green spaces are valued by everyone. [8]


You may also wish to participate in the HLF consultation:

Heritage Lottery Fund are currently consulting on this change in funding so help us to convince them to rethink and keep this precious funding so our parks can be protected and continue to be enjoyed by everyone. We'll be handing in the petition to the consultation before it closes on March 22nd.

The link to the Heritage Lottery Fund consultation is: https://g4-emea.yougov.com/vFqMLPG37gDzPL


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