Residents' Parking Schemes in Redland and Cotham North

The Council is currently formulating plans for Residents' Parking Schemes in Redland and Cotham North, and is seeking the views of residents. Draft plans, FAQs and other information can be downloaded as pdfs from:

The Council states that it will be finalising its plans on the 4th June 2013, and invites you to send in your comments and suggestions by that date. (It would seem sensible to send them before this date, if they are to be given consideration before the plans are finalised!)

We discussed the implications of the Residents' Parking Scheme for Redland Green at our meeting in March '13. Subsequently we have sent (to the response below, which states the rationale for our view that there should be a 3 hour parking restriction on Redland Green Road, to facilitate wide use of the Green.

We are writing in response to the consultation on the proposed Residents' Parking Scheme for Redland.

Redland Green Community Group, representing a wide range of people who use and enjoy the Green, debated this issue at its General Meeting in March at which the a number of concerns were raised.

Redland Green is an important play destination for young families and children; while it can be reached on foot by a large proportion of its users, a significant number rely on access by car. The proposals envisage either a Permit Parking Place or Pay and Display along the part of Redland Green Road closest to the playground. The former would preclude any daytime use during weekdays by families visiting the playground and the later would affect the ability of parents with lower incomes to access it. At present the modest number of people parking there does not create a problem.

While Redland Green Community Group recognises the general intention of the RPS, the current proposals have the unintended consequence of discriminating against young people and of reducing social inclusion. We believe that these concerns can be simply addressed by substituting a three hour parking restriction along Redland Green Road between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm; this would allow sufficient time for parents and children to use the playground and the park while discouraging use by commuters, which is, after all, the sole rationale for the RPS.

We welcome Mayor Ferguson's commitment to placing fairness at the centre of all aspects of life in the city and believe that equality of access to the facilities at Redland Green represents an important aspect of this. We ask you to amend this proposal in the interest of fairness and social inclusion.

We look forward to receiving your response and would be grateful if you could also direct this our chair Rev Rod Symmons.