National Swift Awareness Week in Bristol

Saturday 16 June – Saturday 23 June 2018

Britain is the first country in the world to dedicate a national week in support of Swifts. So far, 37 Swift awareness events across the UK have been planned, including an event in Bristol organised by Bristol Swifts:

There's a list of events around the country at:

Bristol Swift event - Saturday 23 June, 10am - 1pm.

Entry: £3 per person. Children free.

Location: Swift House, 9 Lyndale Avenue, Bristol, BS9 1BS.

For more information contact Mark & Jane Glanville at and see

Watch swifts and their young inside their nest boxes at Mark and Jane's Stoke Bishop home.

In addition to enjoying their beautiful garden and watching swifts in their nest boxes, you’ll be able to buy swift greetings cards and swift DVDs, swift nest boxes, swift leaflets and plants.

All money raised from entry and sales will go towards the rehabilitation of injured swifts in the local area.

About Mark and Jane:

Mark and Jane have been passionate about swifts since Mark noticed a swift “disappearing” under the eaves of their 1920s house. One thing led to another, and now their house is festooned with swift boxes – 23 of them! - all of Mark’s own designs. Last year, they had 14 pairs nesting, which raised a record of 20 fledged chicks!

Mark and Jane, who are also keen wildlife gardeners, opened their garden on two days last year under the National Garden Scheme. They also had the live cameras showing activity in their nest boxes, which was a huge attraction. Over 500 people attended, and almost £1000 was raised for swift rehabilitation, the National Garden Scheme and other local good causes.