Litter Picking & Tree Planting Day - Sunday 24 March

It was fantastic to be out on such a beautiful early spring day. The litter picking team scoured the Green and were thrilled to find much less rubbish than on litter picks in previous years. All told, two black plastic bags of landfill rubbish were collected and two bags of plastic and glass for recycling.

Meanwhile, the tree planting team replaced six dead trees with new ones, whose purchase was made possible by a generous grant from Redland and Cotham Amenities Society.

Four of the dead trees were among 29 planted around the Green by RGCG in 2016. These were mostly trees of high wildife value, such as fruit trees. The four died as the result of drought or damage. Replacement trees included black mulberry, Cox's Orange Pippin apple, crab apple, conference pear and a Swedish whitebeam.

The silver maple near to the entrance to the tennis club, which was felled by the council a year ago after the discovery of a split in the trunk, has been replaced by a native field maple.