Learn how to lay a hedge

This event is organised by Redland Green Community Group & generously funded by Redland and Cotham Amenities Society

Location: Redland Green, behind the St Oswald’s Road houses

Dates: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 November 2018

Time: 09.30 – 16:00

Advance registration: essential, as places are limited.

Participation fee: £10 in cash on the day (for one or both days)

To register: email redlandgreen.comgp@gmail.com

What do you need to bring with you?

All hedge-laying equipment will be provided by Malcolm, but for each person attending, you should bring:

- a strong pair of gardening gloves

- a set of ear defenders

- plastic protective glasses (optional)

- your own packed lunch and drinks

You should make sure you are wearing warm clothes and stout boots.

Older children can only attend under strict supervision of an adult. The event is not suitable for children under the age of about ten, as Malcolm will use a chain saw.

We may be able to provide protective glasses and ear plugs, and some spare gardening gloves may be available.

What if the weather is inclement?

If it is raining heavily, the hedge laying will be postponed. Further information will be available on this site. If the forecast is for light intermittent rain, the event is likely to go ahead, but please check this website.

About the hedge

The hedge to be laid was planted by members of Redland Green Community Group in 2011 and is now in prime shape for laying. Laying the hedge will greatly increase its value as a habitat, and we hope it will help to further increase the biodiversity of the green. The hedge is rich in species, and includes guelder rose, dog rose, dog wood, wych elm, wayfarer tree, holly, hazel, spindle, elder, goat willow, ash and a flowering cherry. More information about the hedge, and pictures here.

Second hedge laying course in the new year

This hedge is one of two hedges on Redland Green that RGCG plans to lay. More information about the hedge, and pictures here. We hope to lay the second hedge in the new year. Information about this will be available on this site after Christmas. If you are unable to attend the November hedge laying, there will be a second opportunity.

About Malcolm Dowling

Malcolm is a champion hedge layer who started laying hedges upon his retirement at 60. Now 79, he has won many prizes in hedge laying competitions in the south west and further afield. He specialises in the traditional hedge laying method of our region – the North Somerset style – but also lays hedges in the tradition of other counties. He has taught many local groups how to lay hedges – for example, groups in Backwell, Wrington and Burrington, Blackdown Hills, and Yatton and Congresbury.

Last November, Malcolm also laid a mixed species hedge in the Metford Road Allotments Community Orchard - see photos here.