Redland Green area historic photos

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An extract from the Ordnance Survey Old Series Map of 1817-1830 shows the area just before the time of these photos, prior to the burst of development which took place at the turn of the twentieth century.

In the album above are: pictures of gypsy encampments, thought to be somewhere near Dugar Walk, off Cranbrook Road,perhaps around the turn of the last century; pictures of the Bishop's Palace (destroyed by aerial bombardment in WWII); a photo of Redland Green Farm; a picture of what is thought to be the WWII communal air raid shelter, which was located below what is now the Redland Church Hall. The entrance to the shelter was located left off the road that leads today into the tennis club.

These pictures were kindly provided by Lois Goddard and Peter Davey.

The album below contains a selection of aerial photos of the Redland Green area,taken between 1947 and 1989.