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This is a section intended to provide you with additional resources regarding the paranormal. As we know that in this field, there is no such thing as a definite answer, we hope these sites will broaden your horizons. Also,to be clear, just by having a site listed doesn't mean that we are affiliated with any of these organizations. We do however believe that what these organizations and groups are doing for the field is commendable and we here at R.E.D wish to share these with you. Thank you for taking the time to check them out and if you see something missing that you wish to be added here, feel free to contact us and let us know. - Sincerely,R.E.D

Paranormal TV Shows-

-Scifi Channel

-A&E Channel

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Paranormal Network-

The Paranormal Network is an extensive network of sites dealing with all aspects of paranormal including ghost videos, ghost pictures, ghost stories, ufo videos, ufo pictures, alien videos, alien pictures, crop circles, cryptozoology, and more.

Ghost Research Society-