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Here is your chance to be a paranormal investigator! Does this evidence reveal a side of the unknown or are we purely not seeing the whole picture? What determines a "haunting" in regards to photographic, video, or electronic recording evidence? Does this evidence prove another side or is the material here inconclusive in nature and not enough to gauge either way? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


This EVP was taken at a hotel in New York state. The hotel dates back to the Mid- 1800's; as far as history is concerned, this was all we came up with based off of the information provided. Apparently there are three people present, two whom are investigators and 1 family member (not sure of relation, i.e. owner). You will be able to hear three women's voices throughout the duration of the recording. The family member states, "Hello baby" and that is followed by another long conversation. This is said to be all human voices, it is the apparent attack (sound of) that is in question.

Now, as for the actual EVP you will be hearing something quite disturbing. For clarification purposes, there WAS NOT a male present on site for this investigation. Here is how it sets up (in order of events):

  • You will hear cockoo clock - NOT PRESENT
  • A ticking of a hall clock - PRESENT
  • Sound of microphone being adjusted or moved - UNTOUCHED
  • Creaking of a door and slamming of a door - DID OCCUR
  • You will hear a women say "Get off me", followed by what is percieved to be an attack (lasts for a while) - EVP
  • The Investigators were interviewed following the findings and they were all located on staircase listening to sounds of footsteps and conversations happening on the floor above them (which did not show up on this recording at all).
  • They began to talk as the noises has dissipated, while their conversation is happening you will a hear a male voice say "Help me" several times.

These events unfolded as the Central New York Ghost Hunters participated in an investigation. Their website is as follows: . They have other EVP's that have been captured on seperate investigations and are very interesting as well.

The Stanley Hotel

This is not classified as an EVP, but what is considered a VP or Voice Phenomenon. Because we are able to hear with our ears at the time of occurrence, you have taken out the electronic aspect and that declassifies it. Nonetheless, this is very interesting and certainly worth a listen.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are investigating the basement of The Stanley during their live investigation on Halloween of 2006. As they make their way into an isolated area you can hear what seems to be a young girl saying "Hello?" and what seems like "Who's there?". This is followed by a disembodied laughter. It almost seems as though there is a pseudo-conversation happening.

Queen Mary Ghost Recording

Unsolved Mysteries Dives in to the paranormal ship called the Queen Mary. Sounds recorded of historical event if legitimit incredible  residual phenomina. The amount of evidence being documented and debunked from the Queen Mary is remarkable. TAPS visited this great paranormal hot spot, and caught some unique evidence of there own. This is not the only haunted battle ship with paranormal activity, but its one of my favorites.

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