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Here is your chance to be a paranormal investigator! Does this evidence reveal a side of the unknown or are we purely not seeing the whole picture? What determines a "haunting" in regards to photographic, video, or electronic recording evidence? Does this evidence prove another side or is the material here inconclusive in nature and not enough to gauge either way? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


Warwick City Hall. Judge?

Taps caught this piece of evidence. This was actually captured on a wireless camera. Camera takes a picture every five seconds. The evidence is a picture of a judge that has been seen by the late night watchman. Evidence, or hoax you be the judge! Also if you would like to check out the whole episode go to Youtube, and type the title+TAPS. Check it out!

Maury Povich

Adventure Brothers make an appearance on the daytime king Maury Povich. These guys have a mixture of interesting video, EVP evidence, which they are sharing with the day time audience. This is just a taste. I have seen the full video of a couple of these clips, and they go in much further detail which you can find on Youtube. Its worth checking out!
This video comes from an unknown origin. People are about to use stairs when someone walks from in front of them except they didn't come from the hallway. If this is your video I would love to know more about it. Interesting piece of footage, but more importantly what do you think?

Smoke in the wind, or Ghostly Figure?
Neat little clip. For what ever reason this camera is just pointing at the base of this ugly tree. It just so happens that a ghostly figure appears and disappears before your eyes. You be the judge!

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