Our Promise
Serving Minneapolis, Minnesota and the greater Suburban Communities

Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • We promise to you, the client, to complete the most comprehensive investigation possible at any given location.


  • We promise that we will never, under any circumstances, charge you anything for any service or consultation. This is a service to our community and anyone seeking help deserves that, with no consideration of financial standing.


  • We promise to keep any and all person or persons confidential at any phase of an investigation, unless directed by the client otherwise. This is absolutely unwavering and will never be jeopardized by any member of the group. If such a thing should occur, rest assured that member would no longer represent our team. It is very common to be kept anonymous throughout an investigation and submission of findings to the general public, it is not inconvenient to us and we want you to know that.


  • We promise to thoroughly investigate the premises and document everything possible to our greatest potential. Using every piece of our equipment cache at our disposal and your benefit to attain that information.


  • We promise to analyze any and all evidence, analyze it intensively and provide you with any questionable findings. Under no circumstance will we omit evidence from you, or assume you are not interested in something captured. You will be the judge of our findings and that is important to us. You will receive any evidence as a copy from us, with no charge regardless of form.


  • We promise to keep you involved from start to finish and if anything is left to question, remain in contact with you until a resolution is procured. If there is no resolution, we will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for any future follow up investigation and/or questions.


  • We promise to conduct our investigations to the highest degree of professionalism possible, no questions asked. After all, this is a an opportunity for both parties to benefit and we appreciate that.


  • We promise to continue progress in the field of the paranormal and we can't do it without you.