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Paranormal Videos and Analysis


Movie: Ghost Car

Analysis By The R.E.D Team

Cullan: I like this movie both, because of peoples explanations of what they saw and there comments. I think the car slid under the fence, and it just miraculously didn't move very much. The speed of the vehicle was hard to follow because the video sped up so often and to many other factors that we will never be able to know. Like what do both vehicles have under there hoods, and what kind driving experience they may have. Either way it promotes a paranormal question on a major TV show, which I think is great.

Alex:  My only problem here was the lack of sourcing and referencing to a site where we might find an interview with one of the officers.  Without actually knowing their thoughts I find it extremely difficult to cast an opinion whatsoever.  A ghost car in reality is very far fetched and an unlikely paranormal event.  My view of the tape is strictly entertaining and something you discuss while out late with friends whom are not accustomed to the paranormal (a good laugh for sure).  There is no evidence that there was a ghost driver or a ghost car.  To me, the paranormal just is not that brazen or obvious, because if it were we would all have proof of the paranormal!!!

Neal: I really enjoyed this movie, I really don't know how to explain what I saw on it.  The vehicle was going speeds that were exceeding the top of the line police car.  This vehicle pulls the impossible drive threw a gate, and that is truly a paranormal question that would require deep analysis of the tape.



Movie:Little Ghost on Top of Stairs 

Analysis By The R.E.D Team

Cullan: This movie I found a few months ago, and I thought  its very compelling, and rich. First,  the camera man starts you off on steps for a few seconds, which if you have ever been on a ghost hunt it seems like odd gaps in time and randomly starting and stopping what you are doing because your trying so hard to sense all your surroundings and walk at the same time. Second, the apparition isn't noticed while the man is taping and calls out a couple echoing hello's as a hurricane of massive paranormal activity erupts, or "dust" starts to fall. Third, 
the apparition moves as tho it gets sucked into the door, which out of the full bodied apparitions caught on video I've seen move similarly. Thats my two cents either way to prove or disprove is what its all about.

Alex:  I genuinely want to believe that this clip is legitimate.  You want to see what seems to be a child, walk through the door and captivate!  However, logically it is not likely that this is true paranormal evidence and it is also unlikely anyone with the expertise will share their view on its authenticity.  Without having been there to assume responsibility for its nature and criticism, my vote is fake.  If I am wrong, please tell me immediately!  Shed some light upon me about this film, because without some testimony, I will doubt all videos until it is my own!

Neal: I would like to believe this video as well.  I found the child walking through the door only after it was mentioned.  I would like to point out that the door that it seemed to go threw it's hard to tell if it's opened or closed from the angle of the video.  I'm undecieded on this, part of me wants to believe it and another wants me to believe that it was set up to make us believe.  With out being there and seeing things with my own eyes, I can't say one way or another on this particular video.