Twin Cities-Top-Five-Haunted-Locations
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These locations are at the top of our list.  Although Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota ghost hunters are not neccessarily basking in a paranormal "hotbed", we think these would be the best locations to investigate the paranormal and discover more behind a genuinely haunted Twin Cities. -  R.E.D Team


 James J. Hill House

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Abbotts Hospital (Transistional Care)

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Minneapolis City Hall

 Although this may seem an unlikely place for an acknowledged haunt, it is the home of a spirit known as John Moshik.  He was convicted of murder in the late 1800's and was sentenced to death by hanging.  The execution took place in 1898 and was the last hanging under Minnesota law.  The execution did not go as planned however, as they released the stand underneath Moshik, the noose slipped under his chin.  He began to choke on his own vomit and it took the nearby guards a few minutes to realize this.  They took him down, rearranged the noose and completed the task of executing John.

It is now believed to be John Moshik's spirit parading around the 5th floor of city hall.  Many employees have seen or heard mysterious things happening there late at night.  A list of reported activities is provided below:

  • Rearranging of pictures on walls(i.e. from straight to crooked).
  • Ice cold breeze in 5th floor hallway.
  • Apparitions and shadows have been seen.
  • Toilets flushing for no apparent reason when there is not another person present.
If anything else is missing or you would like to see it added to this post, please feel free to email us that information and we will post it for you.(of course you will be cited)


Wabasha Street Caves

    Wabasha street caves has a colorful history. Full of gangsters, disco, swing dancing, coffee, booze, mushrooms, and ghosts. The legend of this establishment starts out in 1840. Silica glass was being produced here, which birthed the initial space for the soon to come entrepreneurs.  In the early 1900's a French family discovered that the caves were a perfect place to start there mushroom business, which was extremely successful.  During the 1920's the Wabasha Street Caves transitioned into a night club, and speak easy. It became a safe haven for gangsters to run there booze rackets, and there criminal life styles.  It was at this time that the legendary assanations took place here.  The story goes that a group of mobsters were playing cards, a disagreement occurred.  Three of the men were gunned down and the bullet holes from the missed shots remain to this day. John Dillinger was known to visit, and was seen here before he was gunned down by the FBI.  It was in the 1930's that the Wabasha Street Caves were converted into The Castle Royal. A high end dance club, and successful business. During WWII the doors closed down and was again a mushroom factory for a duration before the 70's hit. The disco scene transpired into a form of music, and life style. The Castle Royal 2 began to capitalize on this craze. 

    Wabasha Street Caves is still a place for people to meet, dance and have a great time. Ghost and gangster tours are a seasonal feature. The reports of paranormal activity seem to mimic that of a  residual style haunt (high emotional output captured in time). Reports seem to surround the gangsters, whom are said to be still hanging around running their businesses, and of long lost moments of past patrons.

  • Apparitions
  • Cold spots
  • Voice Phenomenon (people have reported people whispering into there ear)


Forepaugh's Restaurant

1870 Joseph Lybrandt Forepagh built this beautiful Victorian home. This was one the first houses in St. Paul to have working running water, and plumbing.  In 1892 Molly committed suicide by hanging herself out the third story window. Molly, whom was a maid of Joseph Forepaugh was having an affair with Mr. Forepaugh. The story goes she had become pregnant with Josephs baby, and he wasn't going to leave his wife and live out his secret affair. Joseph Forepaugh committed suicide shortly after, and is said that the house has had strange activity ever since. This is one location where one of us have had a personal experience on the third floor.       

  • Rearranging tables and chairs
  • Cold breezes throughout the house
  • Lights being turned off and on
  • They leave the basement lights on, because if they don't someone makes a huge mess
  • Foot steps     
If anything else is missing or you would like to see it added to this post, please feel free to email us that information and we will post it for you.(of course you will be cited)