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What to Expect


Welcome and thank you for expressing interest in our team. We hope you share the same enthusiasm as we do regarding the paranormal and we know that you will enjoy your time spent with us. We have made an effort to make this process as simple as possible and are extremely fair in our selections. Also, please know that we are happy to accept as many members as we think necessary and that membership is always open to individuals. You don't have to be experienced in this field at all, but you must be willing to learn. We are a professional organization and do hold our members accountable for their conduct both on an investigation and off. We like to think that we have something to offer the community and without the utmost level of professionalism, the community may not give us the opportunities we desire.

The general process will involve you contacting us at our email address and expressing your interest in our group and what it is you'd like to do. For instance, if you'd like to be an investigator, include that in your email. If you'd like to be brought in as a Sensitive or Medium, note that. We are looking for other types of specialists as well and things you may have talent for already. This would include Research Specialists, Genealogy, Archivists, etc. There are many places in our organization that people can be utilized and play very important roles and we sincerely hope you may be one of them.

After you have sent us your letter, we will meet together as a group (weekly) and review ALL applicants at that time. We will then identify our areas of need and hopefully find an area that suits you best. Then we will notify you via email the outcome of the process and move forward from that point.

We will send a form for you to fill out and send back to us. This form includes questions regarding the paranormal and your knowledge on those topics and some other background information (experience, schedule, etc.). You will also receive a form that is our Code of Conduct and this involves what our expectations are of our team and things of that nature. We have all signed one of these, up to and including the individuals who helped start this whole thing, so nobody is exempt.

Then we will schedule a time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have before beginning this new endeavor with us. If necessary, we will schedule a training day to help introduce you to other members of the team and the equipment we use. This may involve just meeting at a location conducive to our training methods or have you shadow on an investigation. This will simply depend on the layout of our schedules and yours.

If there are any remaining questions that I have not answered here, feel free to contact us at any time (contact link at the bottom of page). We are genuinely excited about the growth of our team, we have exciting times ahead and hope you can be a part of the group. Thanks again for taking the time to review all of this and we personally look forward to hearing from you soon!


Best Wishes,

R.E.D Team