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Please take a moment to meet our team! 

    We believe that in this field, to have leaders is a very good thing, but to have a "boss" is quite another.  That is why we have chosen terms that are more conducive to a team environment, versus a business.  It is of our opinion that this will allow for a more interested and empowered organization, focusing on the most important task in this field - Helping People!


Cullan L.                                     Investigator

 Occupation:  Retail Management

Interests:  Paranormal Investigations and Related Materials, Music, and Travel

Future Plans:  Have a Successful Paranormal Team, and Grow In Current Occupation

Believer or Skeptic: Skeptic


Alex L.                                              Investigator

Occupation:  Student

Interests:  Paranormal Investigations and Related Materials, Law, Athletics

Future Plans:  Walter F. Mondale School of Law, Purchase a Cabin, Be a Part of a Successful Paranormal Team!

Believer or Skeptic:  Skeptic


 Thomas H.                                    Web Specialist & Investigator

 Occupation:  IT Consultant / Student

Interests:  Computer Hardware & Software Development, Coffee Shops,

Computer Networking.

Future Plans:  Have Kids, Own a Home, Have a Job That I Enjoy

Believer or Skeptic:  Undecided


Elisabeth N.                                     Investigator

 Occupation:  Salon Receptionist

Interests:  Audrey Hepurn, Music, Traveling, Eating, My Fat Cat Shadow, People Watching and Quoting Will Farrel Movies and Baby Kitty Zelo <3

Future Plans: Continue to Learn About the Mysteries that the Paranormal Field Has, Travel the World and U of M Med School to become a pediatrician!

Believer or Skeptic: Skeptic


  Neal G.                                            Investigator

 Occupation:  Health Care/Student

Interests:  Music, Paranormal Material, Travel, Web Design, Game Design, and Devolpment.

Future Plans:  Attending School at Brown College for Game Design, and Development. 

Believer or Skeptic: Skeptic

 Charlie "Chuck" B. 

Investigator ALWAYS In Training