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"Plymouth-Holy Name Cemetery is located on the corner of Holy Name Drive and a county road. Its across the street from a brick church. Reports of misty headlights pull in and vanish before your eyes. Witnesses have heard voices, footsteps, when it was horribly windy while calm outside the cemetery, and have seen a white apparition." - theshadowlands.net


This image is provided by GoogleEarth and is a satellite view of Holy Name Cemetery. The cemetery is the open portion(little foliage) and in full is roughly 150 yards in length and 75 yards in width. There is a small man-made pond pictured to the south of the grounds and the road to the west is Holy Name Drive.(Not pictured, but viewable is Holy Name Lake which is west of the cemetery) - The above photo is also a link to a GoogleMap of the precise location of Holy Name(latitude and longitude). This is a public place and is open to anyone, if you decide to visit, please be respectful of the grounds.


With a lack of tangible resources to provide for this, I have very little information to post. One thing of interest is the age and descent of the older headstones found here. Typically of German decent and the stones date back to the mid to late 1800's.


We did survey the area prior to investigation with a mindset of understanding both the surroundings and reports while viewing. This was an invaluable aspect of the investigation overall, based on the surrounding areas and our ability to view the cemetery and surroundings during peak sunlight hours. We were able to view the neighboring homes and also the surrounding roads and access points. This proved later to be extremely helpful in the "debunking" of Holy Name Cemetery.


As stated above there are a few separate reports of experiences and activity. I will try and explain these as best I can with what evidence we gathered and the theories behind them. This will be proposed as a "list style" presentation and our reports will follow. The trouble with this report is its lack of sourcing and greater detail into the accounts, which tends to leave us searching for alternate probabilities and reasoning. With nothing else to go off of, we began our investigation with an emphasis on the "debunking" of these accounts.

  • "Misty Headlights" - Although we didn't experience this first-hand, we did come up with some ideas as to what may have been seen. The cemetery is surrounded by roads, drives, driveways and the like. There is in fact no place at Holy Name that isn't encompassed by some sort of drive that is meant to facilitate vehicles. One theory behind this(without knowing which entrance the "misty headlights" were seen) is the driveway belonging to the home owner at the NW end of the cemetery. Without being there during the daytime, it would be hard to notice this home and drive and could cause someone to believe that a car pulled up and "vanished". With the mist aspect of the report, one factor that will be discussed multiple times in this report is Holy Name Lake. A sizable body of water and something that could contribute to the mist and/or fog that caused the disappearance of the car. Advection Fog is something that came to mind in this scenario and that is simply a cooler air mass moving over a warmer body of water. This is the situation in San Francisco Bay and is the cause of the deep fogging that occurs there. This is due to the warm air moving in from the Pacific and passing over the cold California current. My thoughts are that this could either mask the moving vehicle or cause it to seemingly disappear when in all actuality it did nothing of the sort. The last item to take into consideration is what happens in the cemetery at night. We didn't realize, even during our pre-investigation that Holy Name is saturated with solar lighting of the newer headstones. The best I can describe it is a Christmas tree at night and without knowing that during the day, was quite surprising upon arrival for the investigation. The "headlight" report could have been a reflection off of the pond from two of these lights, which given the proper formula, could mimic a set of headlights.


  • "Voices and Footsteps" - One theory that was proposed by a member of the team was in direct correlation with Holy Name Lake. His thoughts were that some of the houses occupants that live directly on the shore could have been outdoors during the experiences and causing the sounds to travel across the lake, therefore causing a disembodied type phenomenon. As we know, sound is just as susceptible to friction and obstruction as any other from of energy. When sound is unobstructed, it can travel great distances and can sound quite close and/or audible to the unknowing individual. That seemed the most plausible theory generated by any one of us. Again, I will mention the surrounding neighborhood and its close proximity to the cemetery. If you didn't know someone literally lived within 25-30 feet of the cemetery border, then a voice or something of the like may be misinterpreted as a unexplained voice phenomenon. Same can be said for the footsteps, which could be caused by neighboring people walking near their homes. It's quite possible an individual was talking a late night stroll and startled the individuals whom were at the site at that time. The last aspect to mention is that we did hear a sound which was similar to shriek or wail. We concluded that it was an animal of some type, whether it be avian or mammal, it wasn't a human sound.


  • "Windy in Cemetery, While Calm Outside" - This one was a little tricky and had it not been for a course I recently took in college, it may have been considered unexplained. This was, to us, strictly a meteorology based scenario and something that if you didn't have some prior knowledge to, could be quite awkward. Holy Name Lake lies due west from the cemetery, separated by Holy Name Drive and about 100 feet. In the northern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are west to east and that is an important consideration in this instance. The lake is also viewable from the site as well, and when I say that, I mean there is an area that is unobstructed. The cemetery is also on a hill with a grade between 5-7% which is somewhat steep. If you take the prevailing winds, the unobstructed view(lake allows wind to increase speed due to little friction, unobstructed view provides less resistance) and the hill into consideration, it's only natural to think the winds would likely be stronger on the top of the hill. You see, picture wind as a fluid, it flows and morphs into the different things it passes. The hill would provide a point of obstruction that forces the speed to increase, as the air moves over the hill it forms something called an "eddie" which is when wind moves over an object and that object causes the wind to swirl if it were. That swirl can range in size and turbulence and could seem like a "horrible wind" in the cemetery. Factors of compressional heating and cooling(lifting) could also factor in, but we think this may be to small of a scale for such a situation. Outside the cemetery and surrounding roads, there are many different natural and man-made obstructions to reduce the wind speed and/or effect of the wind. That would explain the lack of wind around the perimeter of the grounds.


  • "White Apparition" - Reports claiming a white apparition were reviewed before the investigation and watched for upon the duration. Nothing anomalous was witnessed by any investigator, but a few theories were proposed. The main theory was having to do with the human eye and it's lack of of ability to see clearly in low illumination. We had the luxury of a 3/4 moon and this truly helped in this instance. One investigator spent some time near a large Fir tree and the area itself was quite dark. We had spent a few hours in view of the Moon and its ambient light. He had mentioned difficulty in adjusting(optically) to the contrast from dark and light. As he viewed the cemetery, things got a little blurry and some of the headstones could have been, if not thought through, viewed as forms. Most of the headstones in Holy Name(the older section) seem to be of the limestone variety and do tend to shine quite poignantly in the moonlight. If glanced from ones peripheral vision, these could surely be viewed as an apparition in the right conditions. There is also a very large statue of Jesus Christ on the cross and at his feet are two standing women. There are certainly a type of Realistic art and if seen awkwardly could be thought of as forms. These are only theories, seeing as how we had little information to go off of and no personal experiences.


We arrived on location at around 12:00 AM CST and commenced at approximately 12:15 AM CST. We first began the investigation at the NE corner near the fence line and made our way west along that fence. Using a digital EMF and an analogue EMF(CellSensor) we began sweeps of the older section of the site.(NW) I will report that in the entire 3 hours on site, we had no EMF "spikes" or anomalous readings. The sweeps were not documented based on readings or location, the average reading from the digital was from .1 Gauss to .2 Guass. We also did do some EVP work on two standard digital recorders, the times totaling around 45 minutes of recordings. Nothing was found on any recorder and we did listen to each twice and also had a separate party review as well. The investigation lasted until roughly 3:00 AM CST and we have nothing unusual or paranormal to report.


Upon arrival, we were taken aback by the illumination of the sites with the solar lighting and did provide me with an eerie feeling when walking in. That was the most striking feeling of the entire investigation and there is little to report. No investigator had any experiences that would lead us to believe that Holy Name Cemetery is an active place with paranormal activity. We did not acquire any solid evidence to support the claims of activity to provide for the skeptic public(myself included). One of the investigators brought a very advanced camera with him and did snap quite a few shots. Upon discussing with him and viewing some of them on-site, there was nothing anomalous to report. Overall, this investigation was very informative to all of us and did prove successful in the "debunking" of Holy Name. We are not stating that Holy Name isn't active or that these experiences are unjustifiable, we are stating that we have nothing to report. If you may have any questions regarding the investigation and our findings, please contact us and one of the team members will respond promptly.

Report Completed By:  Alex L.

Thank you for viewing this report and please continue to check back for further investigations and findings. -R.E.D