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This is an informational based page, provided for your reference.  We hope this will help identify what you are experiencing and possibly allow you to let us know what may be going on at your location.  This is of course not the "final word" in hauntings and or activity, so please view this with a critical eye and be objective.- R.E.D

There are many different things that can cause activity in the physical world around us.  Generally speaking, most things that do occur are not paranormal at all.  In fact, they are very real scenarios with very real answers.  We understand that some of these things are not typical and can certainly be frightening to individuals who have not isolated the answers. 

Our hope here at R.E.D is that we can help you figure out what it is that is happening around you.  Whether it be paranormal or not, we wish to find answers and help as many people as we can in the process. 

If you are bothered by these occurrences, please do not feel crazy or alone.  Many people have things happening around them that can't be explained.  We at R.E.D want you to know that we are here to help and provide answers and resolve the potential issue.  It is of our greatest interest to be beneficial to our communities and its citizens.

Some individuals may not be at all bothered by what is occuring around them, they me even be intrigued.  We would still, in theses circumstances, be sincerely honored to investigate these scenarios.  Answers are still to be found and evidence collected for your archival purposes. 

Please remember that were are a non-profit group and that all services provided are free of charge.  This is not about making money for us, but about progress into this unkown aspect of our physical world.  We hope that this will also allow ALL people to have access to capable and professional researchers whenever possible.  Seeing as the paranormal does not discriminate based on finance, we feel that our group should not as well.

Below is a list of different style "hauntings" and/or "ghosts".  We have provided this for your reference, as well as something that may help you figure out what is or isn't happening in your place of business or residence.  Please know that these are considered working definitions and that simply means that the field has agreed upon them to this extent.  However, nothing is definite in the field of the paranormal and research continues to make these either fact or fiction. - R.E.D Team

The information provided below is an excerpt from "Classifications of Hauntings - The Who's Who of The Paranormal" from the website ezinearticles.com.  The author is Bruce Linn who is the founder of Paranormal Investigations of Staten Island and his groups web address is http://www.paranormal-investigations-of-staten-island.20fr.com/.  The articles URL is http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bruce_Linn.

  • Intelligent Haunting -

    An intelligent haunting is a haunting in which the afflicting spirit can and will interact and often communicate with the client and or investigators. This type of haunting occurs sometimes, this is not the most common form of haunting but will be encountered more than most other forms.

    Signs of an intelligent haunting are as follows:  Responsive and interactive activity, Objects being moved or influenced, Random acts of paranormal activity.

  • Residual Haunting -

    This type of haunting is by far the most common form of haunting. However the definition of a residual haunting is noticeably different than an intelligent class haunting.

    In this classification there isn't any form of interaction at all. It is believed to be a series of past events played over and over in an endless loop. These events can have a set day and time known as an " Anniversary Imprint". They may be just as random as the previous form but cant respond or interact. It is believed that the spirit might also have no idea that it is dead and a ghost.

    Signs of a Residual Haunting are as follows:  Activity only noticed on certain days or times, Spirit is unable to communicate or unresponsive/unable to interact.

  • Poltergeist -

    German for noisy ghost; an entity or energy that displays sensational interaction with the physical environment, and manifests only when a specific individual or individuals are present

    Or a ghost that manifests itself by noises, trappings or creating disorder. This particular haunting can be "life disrupting". This means that it will cause such a disturbance that normal everyday life will become impossible. It is necessary to remember that this form of haunting is extremely rare.

    Stated before this haunting will more than often be associated with a specific individual and in most cases this individual is a CHILD!

    Lets look at some theoretical causes of a poltergeist:

    Theoretical Cause

    A poltergeist is initiated by pent-up stress on a subconscious level, often explained as uncontrolled psycho kinetic activity or 'Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis' (RSPK). This RSPK can theoretically be channeled and focused by high deposits of Lime stone and quartz. This theory supports all skeptics everywhere, it suggests that pent up stress on your mind may cause delirium resulting in hallucinations that are precieved as a less than welcome Ghost.

    This is probably the more accurate theory and is a valid psychoanalysis of a alleged poltergeist haunting.

    NOTE: Jumping to this conclusion prematurely can bring question to ones professionalism.

    A Second Theory:

    A spirit of a human or doppelganger that is exhibiting malicious and violent tendencies. This spirit is often believed to be a person who once lived at the location that is unhappy with the current inhabitants or died at the location in a horrible and or violent way. Interestingly enough this theory has some basis to it. Though it can possibly be plausible this theory in itself is flawed. A spirit that has had a violent death more often than not will cry out for help rather than lash out in a violent way.

    With this said it can be concluded that a violent or malicious "Poltergeist" could be classified as our next designation "Non-Human".  The characteristics of a poltergeist are as follows:  Movement and hurling around of inanimate, often extremely heavy, objects; The opening and closing of doors and windows by no visible means; Unexplained noises such as voices, moans, screams, explosions, crashes, raps, thumps, scratches and knocks on floors, doors and walls, heavy footsteps, bed-shaking; The breaking of household objects such as crockery; The destruction of garments, the throwing of stones, rocks and dirt, bad smells, mysterious fires; the appearance of pools of water on floors, the malfunctioning of electrical equipment, telephone ringing, the unexplained appearance of objects ('apports'), apparitions and even physical assault.

Demonic -

Demons are the final classification of haunting that we may encounter in the "Non-Human" category. Even if you do not believe in some form of religion most people believe in some form of evil creatures that plague our world. Though these creatures are extremely rare we may encounter demonic hauntings. These hauntings are never easy to deal with. These are malicious and violent and pose just as much danger to the client as they do us.

Characteristics of Demonic hauntings:  Violent and harmful spiritual attacks; Spirits doppelganging as other human spirits to gain the trust of the living; Sudden changes in the attitude of the residents and or children; Markings and scratches on the body of residents.

It is important to note that these hauntings may require the help of religious leaders and other trained demonologists. Do not provoke or invoke demons and certainly never invite.  

This information was provided by the article "Classifications of Hauntings - The Who's Who of The Paranormal" from the website ezinearticles.com.  The author is Bruce Linn who is the founder of Paranormal Investigations of Staten Island and his groups web address is http://www.paranormal-investigations-of-staten-island.20fr.com/.  The articles URL is http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bruce_Linn.

 I would also like to note that a demonic style haunt is extremely rare and is posted just for informational purposes only.  R.E.D looks at these cases equally and if neccessary will ask another group to assist on these matters.

Of course R.E.D will ceratinly have to determine what type of haunt you may be experiencing .  Please read this information critically as some of the "symptoms" of different haunts may not be stated here or are listed under multiple styles of haunts.  This is posted so you have some idea of what may be occurring, but please remember that we can certainly help solidify EXACTLY what is happening where you are.  The truth of the matter is that 80% of potential haunts are all disproven by other scenarios.  Keep that in mind and we sincerely look forward to hearing about situation and helping!  Thank you for taking the time review this section and we will talk with you soon.  If any questions arose while reviewing, please feel free contact us at our email address listed below.