December 19 2009

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Monday, August 27, 2007

News and Notices
Esens (nom) Akiish|an (pej) Little Shell Country (Nation)
Little Shell Nation
Official Legal Notice to all non-lineal members of the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band of North America/Pembina Nation Little shell that became members from 2001 to 2007 naturalized from the office of P.O. Box 247 Fargo North Dakotataao, Nevada, Texas or Colorado, you are hereby given notice that Ron Delorme, Ron Brakke, Leo Delorme, Navin Naidu, Lawrence Henry, Gloria Edwards, Jack Fyke, Charles Belton, Phyllis Zeigler the website called are all acting in fraud based on over whelming facts and evidence in possession of the Hereditary Council of the Little Shell Nation including that those named above failed formally establish the offices for the nation and while failing to rescinded any of their alleged naturalized members from their former venues and jurisdictions. The hereditary Council of the Little Shell Nation acknowledges the severity of the actions and injuries caused by the parties above.
Due to the serious nature of the crimes committed by those named above and the potential for identity theft, the Little Shell Nation requires all people who have documentation they became members during the years 2001 to 2007, to fill out the appropriate Little Shell Nation Naturalization Application so as to properly and thoroughly research, verify and validate the information and accompanying documents. The new application and mandatory supporting documentation is required to rescind the applicant’s citizenship from their former venue and jurisdiction to that of the Little Shell Nation venue and jurisdiction.
Applicants will have 90 days from the date of this Legal Notice posting on the Official Little Shell Nation Government website to respond. No recourse after that date.
The following are examples of situations that may cause the applicants’ naturalization application and accompanying forms to be denied, null and void:
• Failure to complete all essential parts of the naturalization application and or accompanying forms.
• Failure to comply with all documentation requests.
• Failure to respond within 30 days after receiving a request for additional information or documentation from the Little Shell Nation Naturalization Department.
• Failure to correct any part of the Little Shell Nation Naturalization department application or forms as required by the Little Shell Nation Naturalization Department.
• Failure to schedule and or attend an in person interview with a Little Shell Nation Naturalization Department Official within 60 days of temporary acceptance of naturalization request.
• Failure to meet requirements for naturalization.
• Failure by the applicant to inform and or notify the Little Shell Nation Naturalization Department of any convictions of felony or crimes of high misdemeanor.
• The discovery of the use of aliases and or nicknames used on the application for naturalization in place of lawful given name.
• Failure to provide adequate verifiable documented proof of nationality through blood, birth and decent.
• Failure to provide adequate verifiable documented proof of applicants’ lawful given name.
Documentation sent to the Little Shell Nation Naturalization Department will not be returned unless, it is original in nature and upon written request by the applicant within 60 days from the date of mailing notice of denial of naturalization application.
Please note: There is a mandatory criminal background check on all applicants.
The Hereditary Council of the Nation apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused and understands that some people's lives have been negatively effected as a result of mentioning the Little Shell Nation and their involvement with those parties named above who have engaged in criminal fraud and misrepresentation. One of the main reasons for the reaction by the United States Government, is they know exactly who the Hereditary Council of the Little Shell Nation is, which is why anyone involved with Ron Brakke or others named is deemed to be part of a Posse Comitatus and various subversive Groups, where Mr. Brakke is a very well-known figure within that movement along with
Roger Elvick, Gordon Call and the Montana freemen with ties to the McVeigh family. Those of you involved with these people and groups have been put on legal notice. The ACLU has done its job properly by the postings regarding Ronald Delorme and Ron Brakke.
This is but one of many reasons for additional Little Shell National security, wherein additional protective screening and comprehensive background checks through the best available international databases is imperative. These comprehensive changes to the Little Shell National Security is also in part to support a cooperative effort with our International friends and neighbors, to ensure that those peoples from around the world who chose to apply for immigration and naturalization into our Nation through our Nations Sovereignty and the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are not wanted and or known criminals or part of any terrorist network attempting to gain access to the interior of North America.
Our government has a national and international duty to not only protect its members from those who would apply for naturalization through deceit for dishonorable purposes, but also to ensure the least amount of negative influence by the members of our great nation upon our neighbors.
There is currently a formal investigation into international fraud of documents that were produced and sent through P.O. Box 247 Fargo North Dakota, P.O. Box 99 Lawton and P.O. Box 90 Lawton ND addresses, in violation of the Postal Laws including theft, miss use and copying of an Official State Notary Seal without legal authorization, identity theft of a State Official and National and International mail fraud among other charges.