Background info

This guest house is named in honor of Al Robertson. He was a gentle Aboriginal man who honored nature. Al was an avid hiker and helped us find this location. 
In memory of Al, we have used "Red Hawk" as the name for this guest house. 

About the owners- Cheryl Ann and Lori

Cheryl Ann and Lori recently moved to the island from the Greater Vancouver area. They purchased 5 raw acres then built 2 cedar houses and a log building on the property - it is a dream come true!  Lori and Cheryl Ann have traveled extensively and enjoy sharing their property with guests from around the world.

Both are avid outdoor enthusiasts
and are experienced wilderness campers. Cheryl Ann and Lori are active in paddling- outrigger, voyageur, dragon boat, sculling, canoeing, kayaking- you name it! They have been married for 13 years and absolutely love living in the Nanoose Bay area.