photos 2008


Several Roos Joined the Highland Highness and Rockingham Rockettes for a great day on the jet-boat, lunch and a tram ride. It was rather a wet ride but we had just the right weather to enjoy it and dry out!









Our team in the march Past.  

 Lady Sew and Sew made a great "fencing' attempt, hitting the lead early, but let it slip at the last post.

Kim on the 'BEAM ' performed magnificantly


The Red Hat Roos worked together as a cohesive team to put up the team tent allowing time to sit round and watch other teams struggling with their tents. A very Impressive effort!



Here is the wonderful court of the Red Hat Roos at our 2nd Birthday Bash.

            (with a few missing faces L )               

 The Easter Bunnies who went egg rolling at Kings park.

The event made it into the local paper.


Olympics in the park

The Roos were represented at the Dinki Di’s Olympics in the Park.  A strong team of 6, Stef, Anne, Kim, Margaret, Terri, and Barb.  


Baroness Bugalugs surprised everybody with her incredible "Breast Stroke" winning the teams only Gold Medal.

Lady Angelique's long body shape and straight leg action left her immediate competitors gasping during the steel ring event. She mustered again later on in the day to compete in the 42 kilometre marathon, being so dramatic that the first aid officer rushed to her aid (not the he knew what to do!) 

Queen Mini Mum led from the front competing in the "Hoop and Ribbon" event winning bronze. She followed through with an impressive "Dressage" event on a horse with a mane decorated by the entire team.


Duchess Du Verlaki led the way with her great style in the "Shot Put" event.