This list displays your tentative place in the recruitment queue. 

If your name is not on the list, just wait patiently, please do NOT re-applyWe receive multiple applications per day and it will take time, but we will get to you.

You will receive your application number only after one of our recruiters has looked at it, you will be notified via in-game evemail. 

Join mailing list RF Candidates - we will send there important recruitment information. Additionally to your Contract Alt and Freighter pilot, you can also join on your usual main characters.

Please note - this list does not update in real time. Changes will take time to appear here. (usually up to 24h)

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RFF Recruitment Queue

Status Legend

Verified - your application has been cleared. No action needed. We will notify you by additional mail once we are ready for you.

Missing Info - our Recruiter has contacted you via evemail, asking more information. 

Processed - checked by the Recruiter.

New - not yet looked at by the Recruiter.

[ ] - letters between brackets are our internal markers. They bear no effect on application status.

*Please note: We no longer accept Applicants with skills not ready at the moment of applying.

Missing Info applications are omitted in invitations until all missing data has been delivered and screened  by the Recruiter. 

Please take some time to properly fill your application to avoid it!