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I'm a researcher professor in Artificial Intelligence at Ibn Zohr University. My research focuses on Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR) and Machine Learning.  My current projects focus on :

  • Constraint learning
  • Machine learning
  • Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems (DisCSP)
  • Distributed Optimization Problems (DCOP)
  • Complete Algorithms for solving DisCSP and DCOP 

DCR is a framework for solving various problems arising in Distributed Artificial Intelligence. In DCR, a problem is expressed as a Distributed Constraint Network (DCN). A DCN is composed of a group of autonomous agents where each agent has control of some elements of information about the problem, that is, variables and constraints. Each agent own its local constraint network. Variables in different agents are connected by constraints.

Agents try to find a local solution (locally consistent assignment) and communicate it with other agents using a DCR protocol to check its consistency against constraints with variables owned by other agents. A DCN offers an elegant way to model and solve naturally distributed constraint satisfaction/optimization problems that are distributed by nature (e.g., distributed resource allocation, distributed meeting scheduling, sensor networks, etc).