Red-E-Stand is a compact, light weight, adjustable target stand that breaks down into a small package for transportation or storage. Red-E-Stand is easily assembled using thumb screws and standard 2" x 2" and 1” x 2” furring strips.

Red-E-Stand is fully adjustable by simply altering the size of the cross brace to the desired width. You can daisy-chain multiple stands together on a single cross brace for scenario shooting. Red-E-Stand comes with two base pieces, thumb screws and a para-cord handle. 
Red-E-Stand is a great alternative to steel stands that can be heavy or bulky to transport. Red-E-Stand fits easily behind a truck seat, on an ATV or anyplace where space is at a premium.
Red-E-Stand is designed to breakdown quickly and easily. Red-E-Stand can be carried like a suit case to the range or in the field.