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We Support Our Parents

The largest influences on a child's faith is his or her parents.  With this in mind, there are several resources that are recommended for parents as they raise their children to be faithful teens and adults. 

Most of the principles guiding decisions made at the Youth and Family office were gleaned from years of experience and reinforced by the book, Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids, by Dr. Kara F. Powell and Dr. Chap Clark.  If you do anything, read this book.  Although it deals primarily with teenagers, it has concrete suggestions for faith formation early in life that fosters "sticky faith": a faith that sticks with children as they move into adulthood.  There is also a website with additional resources:

Redeemer uses the Sticky Faith Teen curriculum to host a series of "Senior Sunday School" lessons where youth are encouraged to explore situations they may encounter after high school graduation and look at them through a lens of faith.

Vibrant Faith @Home is a valuable website for people from couples to families of all types to young adults and adults.  It focuses on faith formation/development in all ages through attention to four core practices:  caring conversations, ritual and traditions, prayer, and serving others.  The site offers a wide variety of activities and information to help parents feel prepared to lead their children in a life of faith.