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Rally for Cross Roads

Click here for the Rally for Cross Roads online giving page.

A message from one of our Redeemer campers:

Hi my name is Serena Scano and I am member of Redeemer.  I am hoping to gain a few sponsors for an all-night volleyball marathon. 

Over the past four summers I have been attending a sleep-away camp at Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center. Here I have learned how to be the best version of myself. To do this I needed some help along the way. In past years I have been given scholarships by Cross Roads to be able to attend the camp. Now I am given an opportunity to do what I can to raise money that could go towards someone like me. I could give a person a chance to go to an amazing camp, grow as a person, and take away some of the most important life teachings and friendships. 

I have set my goal to raise somewhere from $50-$500 (beyond would be amazing) which would give me the chance to pay for someone’s meals for a week, a child to attend a weekend retreat, a staff members salary for a week, or even for a child to attend a week of camp. I hope you will consider this opportunity to help a child attend an amazing, life changing camp that will truly help them to grow as a person. 


I am so looking forward to my years to come attending & working at this camp.  It is an awesome place, awesome place and God is all around!


Thanks again!!