Journey Together   |   Lent 2018


Many of us will give some thought as to what we might “give up” for Lent.  Have you considered “taking up” something instead?  Perhaps the thing you should give up is time toward a new practice or discipline.   Perhaps this year our Lord is calling you to go deeper.

Consider coming along on a "40 day journey."

What is this journey?  It is simply an opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey, together with fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, by means of a common, daily discipline.  Using the book, 40 Day Journey with DietrichBonhoeffer, and devoting time each day (more or less) to read, reflect, and pray, we journey together spiritually.  If we commit ourselves to a new discipline, we may discover a depth to our faith we didn’t know existed. 

How can you participate in this 40-day journey?  Buy the book and follow along!  

This journey can be accomplished at home, on your own schedule.  For those who desire more  companionship on this road to spiritual discovery, there will be opportunities on Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons, for conversation and reflection    like oases on our journey.