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Summer 2017 sanctuary renovation

The implementation of the sanctuary renovation is underway!  Construction began on Monday, July 10th, and within a few days the contractor had modified our existing chancel platforms, constructed a new altar rail (from the wood of the original rail) and built the enclosures for the new video projection system.  This work has been accomplished, ahead of schedule and on budget.

Altar furnishings and the painted surfaces of remaining pews have been freshened up with a new coat of paint.   At the time of this writing, the  electrician is completing the wiring.  Beginning Friday, July 28th, the ceiling will be repainted.  In the weeks to come, a new audio system will be installed, and new carpet!  Toward the end of August, we look to receive new sanctuary seating, as well as the upholstery work on the remaining pews. The Build on Faith team expects that the renovation project will be complete in time for Rally Day, September 10, 2017.  Praise God!