Taizé | "teh-zay" |

A worship service in the tradition of the Taizé monestary in France.
What is a Taizé service?

Taizé services are simple, contemplative prayer services. The cyclical music, silence, prayers, and Scripture readings allow the participants to center their thoughts on God’s presence, love, and word.

When are your Taizé services?

Services are on the first Wednesday of every month @ 7 PM in the sanctuary.

Where does Taizé come from?

The simple answer would be: a Swiss seminary graduate who wanted to create a community of Christian reconciliation in the small town of Taizé, France. Click here to read the amazing history of Taizé.

What is the music like?

Taizé music combines classical instrumentation with simple phrases (usually from Scripture) that are corporately sung in repetition. Soloists (called "cantors") sing above the repeated phrase. Here's an example of a Taizé song:

Are there other churches in the Los Angeles/Orange county area that offer Taizé services?

Yes, here are some links: