The Gospel compels us to love and serve those outside the church, proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed to our neighbor.
The Justice League | Sundays, 12:30pm (occasional)

The Justice League seeks to be a part of God's work of healing the poverty of broken relationships with self, others, society, and God. For now, we are pursuing this goal in two ways: first, through education on injustice and the church's role, and second, by taking specific action appropriate to our finitude and particularity as Redeemer Church and New Heart Church.

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New Command Ministry | Second Saturday of each month

Support the widows and single mothers of our community within a team by helping them in very simple, practical ways. A good opportunity to make new friends, see lives changed, put your faith into action, be an agent of Christ's love, and experience the joy of service

Family Outreach Program | Saturday mornings

The family outreach program is a support program for families who have loved one in prison.

My Refuge House

My Refuge House is an independent organization created and run by members of New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, but supported by Redeemer Church. My Refuge House is a ministry that provides shelter and recovery for women and girls rescued out of sex trafficking in the Phillippines. Located in Cebu, Phillippines, the facility gives both necessary security from traffickers as well as rehabilitation.

Redeemer's Missionaries

Ben and Laura Flemming (California School Project)

Byron and Robyn Siemsen (World Impact)