Tittensor, D., et al. Global patterns and predictors of marine biodiversity across taxa. Nature: 26 Aug 2010.

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To be discussed at our lab meeting 26 Oct 2010.

Skates on Thin Ice

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News & Views from Nature
Nicholas K. Dulvy and John D. Reynolds

Hackett et al. 2008 Science.

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    The paper provided everyone in the lab with a background of methods and techniques that are frequently used in our lab.  When put into the perspective of the time that this paper came out, it was interesting to see how revolutionary it was to use a large number of genes (about 19) for such a large number of species.  Even though people may criticize that all the relationships were not truly resolved from doing this, it paved the way for phylogenetic approaches in the future.  It was a way to get the ball rolling and make people explore further the relationships that came out of this paper.  The paper can be viewed as a true inspiration to phylogeneticists in the future. 

7/27/10 Discussion

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    I know that we had planned on discussing BLAST during Tuesday's discussion.  I posted a YouTube video of a BLAST tutorial that people might just want to run through before hand.  I watched a few and felt as if the one I posted was the most thorough (at least in explaining the process--there is another video explaining how to interpret the results).  The NCBI homepage is a little bit different than the one portrayed in the video but the steps are still exactly the same.  I am not sure how familiar everyone is with FASTA formats and accession numbers either so that is another thing that we could discuss as well!


Hackett et al. 2008 Science

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July 19's discussion is about the bird tree of life study.  We will post some of our questions and observations.  Please contribute to the discussion by posting comments.

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