The Red Dot student choice book awards and the Singapore Readers Cup 
are organized by international school librarians (ISLN) in Singapore.

Current longlists for 2013-2014 Red Dot books
Shortlists published in September

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Readers Cup!
and thanks to Bookaburra Books and APD Books for their sponsorship

For the full scores as well as questions & answers
go to the Readers Cup page ; see also the Photos page

Younger Readers

1st place:      Singapore American School - 81.1 points
2nd place:    SJI International - 81.0 points
3rd place:    UWCSEA East - 76.4 points

Note the difference of just 0.1 between first and second place!

Older Readers

1st place:      SJI International - 75.9 points
2nd place:    UWCSEA Dover - 71.2 points
3rd place:     Australian International School Singapore - 69.6 points

Mature Readers

1st place:     German European School Singapore - 60.4 points
2nd place:   SJI International - 57.1 points 
3rd place:    UWCSEA East - 56.5 points

Red Dot Winners for 2012-2013! with almost 7,500 votes 
from 15 schools cast in total over the four categories

 Early Years  Younger Readers  Older Readers  Mature Readers
1st place

 1st place
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

 1st place

 1st place
The Fault in our Stars
2nd place
Pete the Cat
 2nd place
Super Amoeba

 2nd place
Titanic: Voices from the Disaster

 2nd place
The Future of Us

 3rd place
 3rd place
Lulu and the Brontosaurus

 3rd place
Too Small to Fail

 3rd place

There is a GoodReads Group for each 2012-2013 Red Dot shortlist which anyone can join to add their reviews and discuss the books, as well as watch video booktrailers and author interviews.

NB: you must have a GoodReads account to add reviews or post comments, but it's easy to sign up or access via Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

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