Red Dog Solutions

AGILITY                                   CLASSES
          MAY/ JUNE
All Classes are in Brandon and begin at 6:00 p.m.

   Foundation Skills -  Mon. May 9
   Agility 1 -  Tues. June 14
     Agility 2 - Wed. June 1
     Run Thrus/ Sequence

Agility Class Descriptions:

This is a 4 week session required
before you join Agility 1. 
In this session your dog will learn how to:
Follow you on both your left and right
Move ahead of you
Move away from you laterally
Change direction with you
Stand/walk on different surfaces

6 week session
Introduction to all equipment
Short sequences using jumps, tunnels and the table.

6 week session
 Short sequences using all equipment (low height). Dogs who are not comfortable on a particular piece of equipment should stay in Agility 1 until they are comfortable or seek individual instruction.
(Weave poles excluded). 


See this link to view our


Dog Walking - $20
No need for Fido to sit home bored all day while you're at work!  Auntie Lesli will take him for a 1/2 hr walk;
play ball with him or just sit and visit if that is what your dog needs.
Great for house training puppies
and maintaining house training in elderly dogs too!

Vacation Pet Care - $20 ; 2 daily $35;  3 daily/$50
Cats, birds and other caged pet companions can enjoy the comfort of their own home while you are away
Auntie Lesli will maintain their familiar feeding and TLC schedule with daily care visits.
* mail/ paper pick up and medication  included.

Sleep Overs - $35 ($25 for a second dog from the same household)
Is YOUR dog a good fit for a sleep over?
YES  If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, he/ she  will LOVE it at Auntie Lesli's house!
YES  If your dog is non-aggressive toward other dogs but prefers not to play with them,
Auntie Lesli can provide a private suite
within our living space!
YES  If your dog is elderly, Auntie Lesli can provide a private suite within our living space!

NO  Dogs with a high prey drive toward small animals or dogs that do not like other dogs should explore other services.

House Sitting - $75/night
Auntie Lesli will stay at your home and care for your pets as you would!  Some animals are happiest at home!
This service has the added security of having your home remain occupied in your absence.
This service needs to be booked well in advance and cancellations are charged at full price,
due to the fact that Auntie Lesli cannot schedule Sleep Overs if she is scheduled to be sleeping at your house!

Play Group- $10
Come enjoy our large fenced play yard!  With an open area for wrestle and chase and a wooded area
for exploration and chipmunk chasing, this play yard has it all!  Dogs must like to play with other dogs!
Play group is currently only for larger dogs (over 25 lbs), BUT small dog groups can be scheduled as well!

Play Date - $20 or $15 if you come to our house!
If your small dog needs a buddy, Cubby the Chihuahua is ready!  If your large dog needs a pal, Goose the Vizsla
is more than ready!

Your house or ours!

Puppy Meets World - $40
Socialization is crucial while your puppy is young!  But it needs to be done with some skill,
so as not to overwhelm a developing puppy. 
Let Auntie Lesli introduce your puppy to new people, sights, sounds and animals in a safe,
thoughtful way, improving social skills and building confidence!  PMW can be done
while you are at work, providing a FREE mid-day potty break (Dog Walk) with the session!

Prices are subject to change