What is a troll

Abuse troll -

Rarely subtle, this is by far the most common form of troll. Their main tactic is posting insulting comments and various forms of harassment. Do not engage them unless you are seeking a pointless fight; your only real defense is to ignore them.

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Spammer troll -

A troll who blatantly spams reddit, showing no remorse for these actions, and sometimes without even recognizing that they are, in fact, a spammer. Some have been known to taunt those who report them in/r/reportthespammers.

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Rage troll -

A troll who literally rages against what they see as the missteps of others, as well as perceived slights and insults. Similar in tone to the Abuse troll, and as such, should also not be engaged directly; they are best ignored.

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Sexist troll -

A troll that posts submissions and comments that are discriminatory based on gender, and/or that promote negative stereotyping of social roles based on gender.

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be more boring

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Last Word troll -

A troll who must have the last word in any argument. Sometimes similar to a Stalker troll, they may follow their victim around reddit, trying to force them into rekindling the discussion. They also sometimes use PMs when their prey will not engage them.

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Stalker troll -

A troll who follows their prey around reddit (and possibly elsewhere), trying to engage them in a negative way. Sometimes similar to an Internet Tough Guy troll, especially if the stalking takes place off of reddit, and/or involves threats.

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Internet Tough Guy troll -

A troll who makes threats of harm (sometimes physical) to someone, often offering to "settle things face-to-face", sometimes claiming to have knowledge of their victim offline.

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God damn you go to too much effort for something no one reads.

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Black Knight troll -

A troll who defends other trolls. The polar opposite of a White Knight (site is NSFW).

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Anti-troll troll -

A troll who attacks other trolls, sometimes to create an awareness of that troll, but most of the time for "lulz".

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Straw man troll -

Posts as an grotesque caricature of a specific position, in order to make that particular position look bad through the use of simplistic, abrasive, and easily disproved arguments, and in order to force actual adherents of that point of view to waste time distancing themselves from the strawman. Sometimes a form of Sockpuppet troll, and similar to the Political trollAgent Provocateur troll, and Agenda troll. Wikipedia definitions: straw man andstrawman sockpuppet. (definition via Tlide)

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Agenda troll -

A troll who aggressively (and usually blindly) pushes a POV or plan of action, ad nauseum. Primarily seen in religious or political discussions. Similar to the Agent Provocateur troll and the Straw man troll. See also: One-Note troll.

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Agent Provocateur troll -

A troll that seeks to provoke others into reacting negatively about their particular stance in order to bolster support for the opposite viewpoint. Example: an atheist sockpuppeting as a radically religious person in /r/atheism, and posting aggressively anti-atheist submissions and comments. Similar to the Agenda troll and the Straw man troll.Wikipedia definition.

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Griefer troll -

So far as reddit is concerned, a griefer troll is one who maliciously downvotes the submissions and comments of others. Extremely hard to detect, some even use javascript and bots. Wikipedia's definition of griefer could encompass more than a few troll types.

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Hypocrisy troll -

A troll who accuses others of trolling, exhibiting the same behaviors they themselves decry as that of a troll.

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Drama queen troll -

A troll who believes that their trollish actions are misunderstood, and as such, they blow any criticism out of proportion. They believe the world to be against them, and have delusions of being persecuted.

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Butthurt troll -

A troll who overreacts to being insulted/called-out for acting like a troll. The troll then begins a self-pitying cycle, pointing out the "abuse" they have had to put up with, using said abuse as a retroactive justification for having acted like a troll in the first place. Wiktionary definition.

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If we can get one of all of these, we could open up a Zoo! You need to add the con-troll to this list by the way.

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Political Troll -

A form of Abuse troll who attacks others for their political beliefs.

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NSFW troll -

This troll posts unlabeled NSFW submissions and links.

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Flamebait troll -

A troll who posts provocative material and comments for the purpose of getting angry responses (known asflames, or flaming), sometimes from other trolls. Wikipedia's definitions of flamebait and baiter.

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Racist troll -

A troll who is intolerant of others due to their race or ethnicity; they believe themselves to be superior (in character or abilities) to others due to their race or ethnicity. Also: a troll who discriminates or is prejudiced against others due to race or ethnicity.

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Religious Troll -

A form of Abuse troll who attacks others for their religious beliefs, or on religious grounds.

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One-Note troll -

A tedious troll with an unvarying, monotonous mode of attack.

See also: Meme troll.

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Meme troll -

A troll who mostly (or sometimes only) communicates using memes rather than actual language.

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Secret Santa troll -

This troll takes advantage of the genrouosity and kindness of other redditors. The two known types are:

  • The Crappy Gifter: this troll sends a "joke" or a sub-par present to their giftee.
  • The No-Show Gifter: this troll signs up with no intention of ever sending any gift to their giftee.

If you observe any other types of this troll, please report them.

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Homophobic troll -

This troll posts anti-gay (or anything against people in the LGBT spectrum) submissions and comments.

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If you have to be told, you probably are one.

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Sockpuppet troll -

Also known as an "alt" (for "alternate account"), this is any additional username/account created by an existing member of reddit for the purpose of pretending to be someone else, specifically for a negative purpose. Usually the sockpuppet will take the side of the troll's other account(s) in an argument or flame war, making it look as though the troll's original account has support.

See also: Honesty Account trollWikipedia entry.

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Honesty Account troll -

This refers to the "troll account" of a reddit user who wants to protect their reputation and karma, but still wants to be able to attack others, and post troll submissions and comments.

See also: Sockpuppet troll.

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So 99% of the internetz kidzz are trolls?