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SubReddit Sound Challenge

It’s time to share some sounds

We are a group of subreddits dedicated to audio. For most of us it’s true that we are more effective with sound than text.  Therefore, the group ‘RPAN’ has now been created on SoundCloud -  for our subreddits to begin sharing sound. Why?  We can create a library of sound for us to share.  We could also do shootouts, make tutorials for noob’s, help a reddit sound geek out when they need a noise, and maybe have a laugh at our craft ot two.  BONUS - SoundCloud even allows for upvotes and for posting track submissions to Reddit.  

To help get things moving, we'll be adding some ambiences and synth noises for you all to use in anything you want, private or commercial.

This is meant to be fun for the group!

Each of our subreddits should have an informal not-quite-a-competition for submitting sounds.  Every other month the submission topic(s) could be determined by subreddit subscriber choice/vote.   For example;

r/LocationSound - Suburb/Neighborhood/House/Apartment exterior ambiences
r/AudioPost - Hits Punches and body falls.
r/GameAudio - Synth gun zaps and explosions
Octoberall Subreddits - Subscribers submit and vote for topic choice.  Changed to Halloween SFX!
Novemberr/LocationSound - Home/Apartment/Hotel Interiors
r/AudioPost - Whooshes
r/GameAudio - doors and portals
Decemberall Subreddits - Subscribers submit and vote for topic choice
Januaryall Subreddits - Humorous Sounds
Februaryall Subreddits - Subscribers submit and vote for topic choice
Marchall Subreddits - A Process Tutorial
Aprilall Subreddits - Subscribers submit and vote for topic choice
or in the spirit of April Fools maybe have a name-that-sound contest

I'll add the categories to the RPAN calendar once we've decided on them.


To share a file with the group, simply go here -

Rules for submission to the group

Format - please submit only wav files, 44KHz sampling rate accepted, 48KHz or better preferred, 16 bit accepted, 24 bit preferred. 

All entries for this group should be tagged with ‘RPAN’.  
All submissions MUST be completely original.  This means no other sources may be used or modified to create your submission.  You have to make it completely from scratch. All submissions MUST be free of any content that may lead to rights claims.  If you submit SFX or ambiences, make sure there are no distinct voices or music.  If you submit music, make sure it is all original.  

Please DO NOT EVER use this for submitting “what do you think of my”_______ files.  This group is ONLY for donating sounds to the community.

We do ask that if you use a sound in a commercial project, report back to the subreddit and let everyone know so we can all celebrate.

The following tags must be used where appropriate;

Tagging Categories

  • RPAN - All entries for this group should be tagged with ‘RPAN’

  • AMB - ambience - Must be a minimum of three minutes in length.  Outdoors, indoors, death star interiors...
  • SFX - sound effect -
  • SD - sound design - sound useful for sound design
  • GAME - game - 8-bit explosions yay!
  • TUT - tutorial - Make a tutorial for some process you’re familiar with
  • SHOOT - shootout - Do a shootout for mic’s, or recorders, or processes, or plug-in’s
  • MUS - music - music for post and game scenarios