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SubReddit Rules

This subreddit is for the evaluation of audio work; editing, mixing, mastering, composing, and any other facet of creating great sound. The two most important rules for everyone are these;
  • reddiquette first and foremost
  • DO NOT provide personal information in this subreddit, yours or anyone else's.
Posting Rules
  1. Only the person who did the work may submit it for evaluation.
  2. Posts promoting yourself for work are not allowed. You may however post this type of thing in the RPAN forum for employment
  3. Please link to SoundCloud, BandCamp, Vimeo or YouTube.  Check with mod's for other submission source sites.
  4. The format should be as follows;

[Descriptor of the work you did such as; Editing, Mixing, SFX, Composition, Arrangement, Performer, etc.] Name of work. Nothing else besides this in the title. 

For example;

[Mixing] The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Notice that the following kinds of things are not in the example; "be kind please", "my first attempt at clapping", "a power ballad", "by Handz Solo", or any other commentary.

Posters need to list up to three things they want evaluated.  Posts that list [Everything] or [Produced] for evaluation will be removed. 

   5. Remix posts must include a link in the comments to the original. 

Please comment on a couple of recent submissions before you post.

Commenting Rules
  1. This is subjective. Therefore, no opinion is wrong.
  2. Word all criticism in a constructive manner. DO NOT just say "this sucks" or make negative generalizations. It's fine to say "I don't like this" but please try to convey why.
  3. It would be greatly preferred that if you are going to comment on posts, you have one of these pieces of flair.
  • Professional - you are in the business of audio for a living. It is your primary source of income.
  • Student - You are studying to do some facet of audio for a living
  • Hobbyist - You have a grasp of how some of this is done and sometimes get work. However, it is not your primary source of income.
  • Consumer - You enjoy the results of the work. You don't do it for a hobby or as a profession.

Select your flair by clicking "edit" next to your name at the top of the SubReddit's sidebar.

if you'd like anything added here please post in the subreddit or message the mod's