What is the Reddit Pro Audio Network?
Right now we're a group of subreddits who have a common focus of handling sound for picture/media;

So what's this site for?
  • things that won't fit in the sidebars of our subreddits 
  • items better placed off Reddit (like commercial links)
  • info and resources beneficial to all participating subreddits
  • subreddit rules

The current list of RPAN subreddits and their corresponding support pages;

SubReddit             RPAN Support Page            

r/AudioPost                  Audio Post
r/Composers                Composers
r/GameAudio               Game Audio
r/LocationSound          Location Sound
r/RateMyAudio             Rate My Audio       

This site also provides
  • News
  • Business Resources
  • Calendar of Events
  • Shared Sound Library
  • RPAN Forum