Math study group on Reddit

Version 0.1 (2013-04-16)

Apparently people cannot post comments. So use this form instead:

Important questions to You marked with yellow.
Questions? Leave a comment here or to codepoet1 on reddit.

It seems we have a third group! I'm going to look closer into this later today (2013-04-16). Meanwhile, look at the yellow marked text and post your preferences.

** Protocol **
1. People who have showed an interest: DrSeafood, MagicAntler, rcochrane, ScreaminLordByron, dunndunndunn, Splanky222, thabonch, inherentlyawesome, Broskifromdakioski, me (codepoet1).
A grand total of 10 people.

(Late to the party? See bottom)

I suggest we divide ourselves into two groups since this is a little too big of a study group. Since I'm the self-appointed BDFL, I divide us into:
Group 1: DrSeafood, MagicAntler, rcochrane, ScreaminLordByron, me (codepoet1).
Group 2: dunndunndunn, Splanky222, thabonch, inherentlyawesome, Broskifromdakioski.

Notes: thinksthoughts wants to shadow. I suggest he goes into Group 1 if he/she doesn't mind. I don't expect there to be any big difference anyway.
Notes: octopotato wants to shadow as well. He goes into group 2.

2. Next, we need to agree on what to study. Write *one* comment here with the subjects you want to learn more about. Make a list ordered from 1 (most interesting) and downwards (decreasingly interesting).
If you are worried about privacy issues, you may PM me on reddit (codepoet1).
!!!NB: Any (meta-)discussion about subjects go on the reddit page!!!

3. Choosing the book will probably not be hard, I think. Basically, we look for the best Amazon reviews. It usually works for me.
What do you think?

By the way, we should definitely pick a book that is very, eh, "available"...

4. We do this on Google Hangouts -- is that OK with everyone?

5. Now, the protocol for the actual meetings. I suspect that this is a tough one to tackle correctly. We *don't* want long meetings. We are here to learn and we do study by choice so I think it is fair to expect everyone to come prepared with questions that you've at least tried to solve.
Note: Each group will have some kind of forum thread to their disposal so that they are updated on the latest discussions, ask questions etc anyway. Suggested by rcochrane.

"There's no such this as a stupid question" goes an important saying.

Things I imagine will be discussed:
- *Concepts*: That missing piece of the puzzle you don't understand.
- *Exercises*: Goes without saying.
- *Related trivia*: Related viewpoints/perspectives on things. Maybe some funny historical anecdote.

6. Someone in each group needs to act as a moderator.
I propose that the meetings should be limited to 50 minutes. I and the other moderator reserve the right to change this going further. We can change it once and *no more* (!).
(Why? To actually enforce the time limit! So think twice about this one)

(The idea of time limit comes from a software development methodology, I think it is called SCRUM).

Please feel free to discuss exercises privately but I think it is crucial to limit the length of the meeting.

7. Five people in each group can feel a bit crowded. So remember, only when the moderator hands you the Talking Pillow are you allowed to speak.
Well, maybe not an issue if the discussion is somewhat ordered.

Hopefully you understand my intent and worries. The moderator shouldn't be afraid to step in. And only one speaker at the time in a way that does not disturb the flow of discussion.

8. The moderator has final say on reading planning. This will depend on how many weeks we are doing this for. Is 14 weeks reasonable or too much? I have no idea.

We should strive for keeping each meeting on a particular chapter so that the topic is clear. If this is impossible due to vast amount of content (likely), spend N number of meetings on this chapter, where N is a small integer. Key here for good planning imo is not letting one meeting be about half of one topic/chapter and half of another.

Also plan for N getting bigger as we go deeper into the book, ie the number of meetings needed per chapter tends to get bigger.

9. As for the time: Sundays at 17.00 UTC everyone? Earlier?

10. I hope I have covered most of what could be thought of as bureaucracy.

11. If there are any people that are coming late to the party, ie wants to arrange a study group, just ask and I can help you self-organize faster. I guess I'm sitting on some political power, being the original poster.

12. I plan to put up the schedules on this page as well as contact info for the moderators respectively.