Hello all and welcome to Reddit Game Streams. This site will mainly be used for displaying all of the Streamers' games and the general schedule of the streams.

Don't forget to +frontpage /r/gamestreams and join the Steam group.

To become a streamer:

  1. Create a Livestream account
  2. Ask Omnithrope for broadcasting rights
  3. Download Procraster
  4. Run Procraster (Update if required)
  5. make sure the dropdown bar at the top of Procrastor says "reddit_gamestream"
  6. Click "Go Live" (this will open live on your webcam initially, press Ctrl+1 or cover your webcam with your hand to stop it)
  7. Click "Screen Recording" to change to your desktop
  8. Reposition the green frame to cover only your game (must be in window mode)
  9. If your game is compatible, there is a "Game" recording mode
     9.1. Start your game
     9.2. Change Procrastor to "Game" mode
     9.3. Begin recording

     10. Put on a good show!