Welcome to the official r/bicycling IRC channel.

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Server details

    channel: #/r/bicycling

The Channel Bot: bikebot
 Meet 'bikebot'. You'll want to be friends with it. Here are some of the cool things bikebot does:

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .about no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here wanted you to know: he is a pretty cool dude

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .bike no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here has a Trek 2100, Trek 2.1, and a SS Univega commuter

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .bikephoto no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here's photo is http://i.imgur.com/5EmkG.jpg

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .location no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here's location is Northampton, Mass

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .photo no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here's photo is http://i.imgur.com/DxHaa.jpg

00:13 <no_numbers_here> .reddit no_numbers_here
00:13 <bikebot> no_numbers_here(no_numbers_here) has been a redditor for 1135 days, has 1021 link karma and 12309 comment karma

Now you may be wondering how to set that data for yourself. Don't fret, it's easy with bikebot:

00:12 <no_numbers_here> .bike set Trek 2100, Trek 2.1, and a SS Univega commuter
00:12 <bikebot> Done!

That same easy syntax (!command set data) works for all the other commands too.


    In order to ensure that the channel remains a welcoming environment for people of all creeds, a version of the reddit guidelines will be enforced.

   If someone annoys you, but doesn't violate the rules, please use your client's /ignore command instead of reporting them.

   The gist is:
  1. Be friendly.
  2. If a link is NSFW, specify as much in-line.
  3. Don't post a user's personal information without their permission

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