Unit 1 - Ecology


Populations Lecture (Ch. 15-1)

The Environment Lecture (Ch. 18)

Invasive Species Notes (not this year)

Invasive Species Presentation (not this year)


16-1 Section Review (1-5)

Threats to Biodiversity Response Questions

Predator-prey cycles article

Oh Deer! Activity (Introductory Power Point)

Analyzing Ecological Relationships

18-1 Reading Notes: Global Change

18-2 Reading Notes: Effects on Ecosystems

Ecology Study Guide

Changes in Ecosystems

Factors that Cause Changes in Ecosystems (didn't do this year)


Healthy Ecosytem Poster (didn't do this year)

Biodiversity Activity

Trophic Level Pyramid Poster/Round Robin

Water, Carbon, Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycle Worksheet/Colorsheet

Biogeochemical Cycles Worksheet/Poster Grading Rubric

Biology Homepage

Threats to Biodiversity Video (part 1, part 2, part 3)


Unit 1 - Ecology Study Outline

Podcast on Carbon - its interactions with the environment and economy (NPR):

The elements: Carbon's all around

Invasive Species information

What is an Invasive Species?

The World's Most Lovable Invasive Species

Cuddly Squirrel or Gray Menace?: When Invasive Species Pose an Environmental Threat (Scientific American 4/28/08)

Old Trees May Soon Meet Their Match (New York Times, 9/27/10

The Impact of Invasive Species (NOVA)

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