UNIT 7 - EVOLUTION: History, Theory & Classification

Unit 7 Daily Logs
Evolution Vocab
Evolution Table of Contents

Lecture/Student Notes
Theory & Evidence of Evolution Lecture (Ch. 13)
Theory of Evolution Student Notes (Ch. 13)
Human Evolution Lecture
Cladogram Challenge
History of Life on Earth Lecture (Ch.12)
Ch.12-1 Reading Notes: How Did Life Begin?
Ch.12-2 Reading Notes: Evolution of Cellular Life
Ch.12-3 Reading Notes: Life Invaded the Land 
Evolution of Populations & Speciation Lecture (Ch. 15-2)
Evolution of Populations & Speciation Student Notes (Ch. 15-2)

Ch. 14 Lecture - Classification
Classification Lecture
Ch. 14 Reading Notes - Classification
Human Evolution Notes

FlexBook Assignment #1: Life: From the First Organism Onward
Earth Forms & Life Begins: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
The Evolution of Multicellular Life: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Fossil Record Worksheet (reference Ch. 13)
Classification: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Classification Worksheet (1/2 page; reference Ch. 14)
Making Cladograms (p. 308-309 from textbook)
Dichotomous Key - Norns
Cladogram Worksheet (Making Cladograms)
Darwin & the Theory of Evolution: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Theories of Evolution Worksheet (reference Ch. 15)
Evidence for Evolution: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Evolution in Process Worksheet (reference Ch. 15)
Microevolution & the Genetics of Populations: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Macroevolution & the Evolution of Species: Discussion Questions; Worksheet
Genetic Equilibrium Worksheet (reference Ch. 15)
Disruption of Genetic Equilibrium Worksheet (reference Ch. 15)
Interpreting Cladograms (in class)

Old Homework
Speciation Homework
Comparison of Gorilla & Australopithecine Skeletons
Primate Traits Graphic Organizer (on bottom 1/2 of link above)
32-3 Section Review (1-5)
32-4 Section Review (1-5)
Unit 4 Study Guide - Evolution

History of Earth Timeline
Anatomical Evidence for Evolution
Evolution by Natural Selection
Hardy-Weinberg Activity

Old Projects/Activities:
Woollybooger Natural Selection
Peppered Moth
Sex & the Single Guppy
Speciation Island Activity

Biology Home Page

Reading Assignments:

Evolution FlexBook:
Ch. 1: Life: From the First Organism Onward
Reading #1: Earth Forms & Life Begins
Reading #2: The Evolution of Multicellular Life
Reading #3: Classification
Concise Explanation of Classification
Ch. 2: The Theory of Evolution
Reading #1: Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
Reading #2: Evidence for Evolution
Reading #3: Microevolution and the Genetics of Populations
Reading #4: Macroevolution and the Evolution of Species

Supplemental Readings
Human Evolution
Human Evolution Dates & Pics
The History of Evolutionary Thought
How Organisms Evolve
The Evidence of Evolution
The Origin of Species

Examples of evolution in our time

Classification website (flashcards, crosswords, lessons, etc.)

Interesting Stuff
NPR podcast discusses the possibility that life originated near deep-sea vents: Some Deep-Sea Microbes Are Hungry for Rocket Fuel

Videos (Notes Included)
Life on Earth - The Infinite Variety: part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6
Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Part 1Part 2

What Darwin Never Knew

Great Transformations

Evolutionary Arms Race

Decoding Neanderthals